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My name is Paweł "Nowy" Nowak

My professional mission is to create technologies and environments, which help develop skills and creative potential in people, rather than replace them. Together with a team of experienced researchers and designers, I analyse, study and design interactive products and services.

Professional experience

For a decade, I have specialized in analysis, specification, research and design of digital products and services – from small mobile applications, to complex IT systems. I provide my services to start-ups, NGOs and experienced companies of Poland, Western Europe, Scandinavia and Canada.

I have been developing my research and design activity branded “Nowy” since 2016. Together with a team of experienced specialists in the areas of social studies, product and service design, as well as IT, we have executed designs of systems and applications. We also conduct usability studies and analyses of existing systems for further improvement.

Our main areas of expertise include: Health, Medicine, Sport, Education, Transportation, Cryptocurrencies.

Between 2008 and 2016, I had worked as expert on usability, User Experience designer, leader of UX team and business developer with the IT company Future Processing. There, I gained my design and leadership experience while co-working on international projects.


I am an IT specialist by education. In 2011, I graduated from the Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, specializing at Information Technology. I also completed a postgraduate course of graphic design.

Since 2016, I have participated GilbFest –  a prestigious closed seminar organized by Tom Gilb in London. I also hold a professional membership of British Computer Society and a Product Owner certificate from

Also I have done Cynefin Retreat in Snowdonia in 2018 and Train The Trainer masterclass with Dave Snowden.

Despite my strong preference of practice over theory, I do feel a constant need to deepen my knowledge. I seamlessly go from being a master to being a student to get better insights into topics I find interesting. The more aware I am of my “ignorance,” the humbler I become about my further education.

WUD Silesia

I am the founder and main coordinator of the conference WUD Silesia (World Usability Day Silesia) launched in 2010.

WUD Silesia is a free-of-charge educational event devoted to UX (user experience) and human-centered design. The conference seeks to popularize knowledge about design of useful products and services, as well as about the role and responsibility of designers in the contemporary world. Over 350 people professionally involved with development of technology participate the conference every year.

Trainings and Lectures

Since 2010, I have conducted trainings and lectures on Usability, User Experience, Participatory Design, Agile Project Management and others. To date, I have had the pleasure to lead workshops or be a speaker at i.a. UX Scotland, TEDxKatowice, GilbFest, Agile by Example, Product Camp, WUD Kraków, Agilia Conference, Product Development Days, UX Poland, WUD Silesia, Quality Excites, WUD Trójmiasto, as well as conduct classes with students of Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Opole University of Technology, AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków and University of Silesia.

In November 2014 I became a mentor of a design group and a teacher of the faculty of UX Design w SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Katowice. I lead classes on methods of presentation, process design, participatory design, design studio, persona creation, empathy mapping and others.

After hours...

In my spare time, I execute social projects, read books, train boxing, go jogging, and travel – mainly backpacking, on foot, and long distance. So far, I have walked the Polish coast (from Świnoujście to Piaski), Camino de Santiago (from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Finisterra), Main Beskid Trail, the Portuguese coast (from Faro to Lisbon) and the Spanish coast (from Irun to Pechón).

In the future, I would like to go into space and live to the human mission to Mars.

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