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Tom Gilb’s Masterclass

Learn how to quantify, measure and deliver value successfully!

Tom Gilb - agile pioneer, founder of ‘Software Metrics’ and "EVO - Evolutionary Project Management" - will teach you how to think clearly about project values and manage project objectives.

About the Masterclass

Tom Gilb will teach you principles and methods that will make you become a ’ninja’ CEO, Product Owner, Business Analyst, System Engineer, Project Manager who knows how to quantify and prioritize value delivery and manage project risks.

During the Masterclass you will learn:

  • Advanced Lean and Agile principles,
  • Quantification methods,
  • Planguage (Planning Language),
  • Decomposition of product requirements and values,
  • How to measure value,
  • Impact Estimation Table,
  • Ability to look at real systems, not just narrow computer technology alone,
  • and many more…

Date and place

More information soon
More information soon
Net price (VAT not included)
for 5 days of intense training

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Contact with organizers

Paweł ‘Nowy’ Nowak
mobile: +48 697 946 697

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