Join Tom Gilb’s Masterclass

Tom Gilb teaches measuring and evidence based prioritization of IT requirements

What will you learn?

How to be ’ninja’ product owner or business analyst who knows how to prioritize value delivery quantitatively and logically with lower risk.

The course will present specific practical methods, which will improve the Product Owner/Business Analyst’s productivity.

Planguage a full systems planning language. Evo an agile project management method. Specification Quality Control a quality control process.

Date and place

7 - 11 May 2018
Courtyard by Marriott Katowice City Center
Net price (VAT not included)
* the number of places is limited

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Contact with organizers

Paweł ‘Nowy’ Nowak
mobile: +48 697 946 697
Anna Karłowska
mobile: +48 698 695 786
Aneta Wójcik
mobile: +48 793 524 220
Courtyard by Marriott Katowice City Center
Zdjęcie jest własnością Courtyard Katowice City Center
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